The Impossible Experience of Translation

The Impossible Experience of Translation, 2015
installation, variable dimensions.

The sensation of leaning on a wall that is a few inches further back than you expected, or walking down a flight of stairs and taking a step that isn’t there. The moment when everything that should be there to support you is suddenly, inexplicably gone, before the world comes back up to meet you.

The Impossible Experience of Translation explores those moments of falling. Slipping through a gap between what you know to be true and what is real.

I take the shelf as a familiar supporting structure that is commonly relied upon but easily overlooked, and interrupt its function to explore the assumption that our knowledge is whole and total. The changes are not catastrophic but nagging/ troubling/ improbable/ a series of moments.

A tug at a fraying edge.

The work invites you to let certainty fall, to lean back without knowing how far away the wall is…